• May 29, 2022

Subsidies for a green garden or green roof

Did you know that in some municipalities you can apply for a subsidy to green your garden or roof? A green roof or green garden not only looks good, but is also environmentally friendly. Green roofs and gardens have a cooling effect and attract animal life. Want to know if your municipality provides subsidies? Then…

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Currant tree: beautiful all seasons

When the currant tree blossoms, it really is spring. The currant, as this shrub is also called, used to be cultivated in Europe and often planted in farmers’ gardens for its aromatic, sweet, currant-like fruit, which was even sold at the markets. The little tree belongs to the Rosaceae family. Where does the currant tree…

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Growing your own tomatoes

Would you like to grow tomatoes yourself? The tomato is a popular fruit that you can grow in a sunny spot in the garden, on your balcony or on your patio. From pre-sowing seeds to repotting, training and thinning, in this article we give you all the care tips for the tastiest tomato harvest from…

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