• January 29, 2022

Growing your own tomatoes

Would you like to grow tomatoes yourself? The tomato is a popular fruit that you can grow in a sunny spot in the garden, on your balcony or on your patio. From pre-sowing seeds to repotting, training and thinning, in this article we give you all the care tips for the tastiest tomato harvest from your own garden.

Growing different types of tomatoes
Just like in the shop, when growing tomatoes you can choose from a huge variety in all colours and sizes. Think of the smaller (sweet) tomatoes such as cherry tomatoes, the nice juicy and tasty Roma tomatoes, firm beef tomatoes and cocktail tomatoes. Most tomato varieties climb up and grow in a trunk shape. You can also choose bushy tomato plants or dwarf tomatoes, which are ideal for growing in pots. Seeds and pre-cultivated plants are available from garden centres, among other places.

Nutritional value of tomatoes
Tomatoes are very healthy, packed with vitamins and antioxidants. These protect our body against harmful external influences. The fruits help the brain, muscles, liver and kidneys in keeping the body healthy. So they can mean a lot to your health. Tomatoes contain, among other things, vitamin A, which is important for vision, growth, healthy bones, teeth, skin and hair and, above all, your resistance.

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